Loft Hydrogen B-solid Blue

Hydrogen B-solid Blue


  • Tuotekoodi: Loft-Hydrogen-b-blue
  • Brandi: Løft
  • Saatavuus: varastossa

    • 175g

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  • 14 päivän palautus- ja vaihto-oikeus.
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Markkinoiden suorin putteri.

The flight of the Hydrogen is truly unique: Being a very low speed disc, it can hold an anhyzer for any shot between 30 and 90 meters (100 and 300 ft) without neither turning over or flattening out. Likewise, on a hyzer, it will hold the line without flipping up or hyzering additionally. Throw it flat, and watch it go straighter than any other disc you have ever thrown!

Speed: 1
Glide: 2
Turn: 0
Fade: 0

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